Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze a potential business idea and conduct a detailed feasibility study.

2. Determine an optimal and viable business model and structure.

3. Develop a sustainable business plan to ensure profitability and scalability.

4. Identify the different potential sources of capital funding available.

5. Implement sound management practices to scale the business.

6. Implement a strong corporate culture that promotes business development and growth.

Learning Outcomes

1. Implement a consistent corporate identity based on the fundamental business functions and market positioning.

2. Analyze the target market accurately and determine an effective marketing communications plan to build a robust customer base.

3. Determine consumer behavior and apply relevant marketing strategies.

4. Identify the unique selling proposition of a business and implement effective brand management practices in order to build the brand equity.

5. Implement a concrete business strategy that works in synergy with the core business model.

Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze the cash flow and capital requirements of a company.

2. Determine an optimal budget to ensure effective strategic financial management while generating new sources of cash flow.

3. Implement sound inventory management practices to ensure efficient allocation of cash flow.

4. Analyze the business portfolio to efficiently forecast demand and establish revenue projections.

5. Implementing strategies to generate returns on idle cash.

6. Identify customer acquisition cost and customer lifetime value.

Learning Outcomes

1. Recognize and comprehend the fundamental principles of negotiation.

2. Implement the 5-step systematic process of negotiation to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome, which creates value for all parties involved.

3. Distinguish between verbal and non-verbal types of negotiation techniques.

4. Implement effective communication skills to achieve desired outcomes.

5. Identify relevant sales techniques (B2B & B2C) and analyze the possible avenues of increasing revenue.

6. Implement sustainable sales management strategies.

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